Get to know us

We both absolutely love weddings and we work so well together! It is always our goal on a wedding day to connect with our couples, providing them with a fun experience while capturing the love and connection they have with one another. You really are getting the best of both worlds when you hire us because you are getting a team – allowing us to shoot two angles simultaneously. On our team, Heather is the outgoing and fly by the seat of her pants girl and Kristin is more reserved and strategic/planning with everything she does. We actually call ourselves the perfect wedding mullet, business in the front and party in the back!

On your wedding day, we allow plenty of time in the schedule so you can relax and enjoy the day while we capture both the big and small moments of your day.  It's our honor to provide you with timeless images to be treasured for generations to come.  



I am completely honored to be trusted with capturing these precious moments.

When I think of my journey through photography it begins at such a young age, I was around the age of 5 and had a Kodak 110 which I took absolutely everywhere. Photographing people was always something that I found so incredibly fulfilling and began to be amazed as I learned that I could make a career out of doing what I love. When it comes to my photographic style I am always looking to capture a customized experience, meaning each client gets my full attention when I am shooting them and I cater my own expertise to best suit my clients' individual needs. 

My favorite part of the weddings that we have the honor of capturing is seeing families all come together to join such a beautiful celebration. I always capture moments of the mom and dad of the bride and groom looking over at their son or daughter, and I am always captivated by how much joy radiates out of these captures.

A little about me

My hobbies include photography, knitting, drawing, listening to audiobooks (perfect for while editing through sessions!) and of course any trip to Target turns into hobby shopping quiet quickly. I love spending as much time as I can with my son and daughter and always look forward to capturing moments of them while I test new lighting techniques or any new poses that I dream up! Above all, I value God, family, and the golden rule – I believe that people should aim to treat each other as they would like to be treated themselves – with tolerance, consideration and compassion.

Fun Fact

I have seen every single episode of Days of Our Lives!



Photography presented itself as a career to me at the perfect time.

I like to think that photography found me. It found me when I was at a time in my life where I realized what was most important and began to value moments and view them differently than I ever had. I knew that at this time my love for photography was only going to grow stronger and that making into a business was something that I simply had to do, no questions asked. My passion for this industry has lead me to some of the my most cherished connections and opportunities that I otherwise would have never got to capture for people.

Capturing the true emotions of a wedding day is what I know I do best. A wedding day to me is about the little moments that make up the memories: the real genuine laughter of a groom with his college buddies, a quiet moment between the bride and groom, the bride's dad stealing a kiss before he walks her down the aisle, the flower girl dancing on her daddy's shoes, loved ones working hard behind the scenes. These are the moments that tell the story of the newlyweds lives, and I wouldn't want to miss a single one. 

A little about me

I have three boys: Joey, John & Jake. It has always been my personal project with them to capture every little moment I possibly can. When I look back at my photos in twenty years I want to remember the moments where we were messy together, the moments where we let fun completely take over our day. Each of my boys are so talented, and I always encourage them to pursue their dreams in hopes that they end up doing what they love, that's all I can ask as a parent.

Fun Fact

I have a personal blog that I share all my life's lessons on!