Country sunset engagement session with a lineman and his fiance' | Paxton, IL |

We fell in love with Jake and Jackie from the minute we met them.  And what's been fun is that we've kept in touch with Jackie from day 1... through Snapchat no less.  It's been so fun keeping in the loop regarding wedding details in addition to non-wedding related fun.... like Jake finally shaving his beard.  :-)   And speaking of Snapchat, after all of the fun we've had on our personal Snapchat accounts with Jackie, we just created one for specifically Sweet Darling Weddings.  So if you want to follow us on Snapchat you can get a glimpse of some of the fun we have.  Our Snapchat name is Sweet Darling Weddings and our screen name is darlingweddings.  Find us.  We love to make new friends!


In November, we met Jake and Jackie at Middlefork Forest Preserve for their engagement session.  That time of year, the weather is hit or miss.  We had magical, yummy, golden light and lots of great color in a variety of locations throughout the park even though most of the colorful leaves had already fallen.  It was a little chilly but that worked to our advantage cause we didn't have to encourage them to snuggle up... it just happened naturally.  

Planning outfits can be quite challenging and stressful.  However the three different outfits they put together for each of them are on point!  They are coordinated without being matchy-matchy and their personal styles shine through.  The choices look effortless.  Jackie did an excellent job using layers and accessories (scarves, vests, jewelry, sweaters, etc) to give more dimension to her outfits.

And since Jake is a lineman it's sort of an unspoken rule that you get the traditional lineman engagement photo.  So as daylight was quickly coming to an end,  Jake put on his climbing gear and we snapped a few pics that showcase not only their love for one another but incorporated his profession as well.  

And now, their wedding day is less than 3 weeks away!  Jackie was busy celebrating with her friends this past weekend at her bachelorette party so we thought this would be a great time to share some of our favorite images from their engagement session from last fall.  

Jake and Jackie, we have been counting down the days with you.  18 days until it's Mr. and Mrs. McElhoe.   #YouHadMeAtMcElhoe