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Spring Wedding | Pear Tree Estate | Champaign, IL

Finding your soul mate can take time.  Finding a soul mate for YOU that is also the perfect fit for YOUR KIDS may take a little longer.  And sometimes, finding the right person for you and your children can happen when you're not even looking.   Leslie, a single mom to Ryanne and Braden, was introduced to Andrew through mutual friends a couple years ago.  From the very beginning, Andrew has assisted with homework, attended sporting events and lent a helping hand however he could. Along the way, he fell in love with all three of them.   We were thrilled that Sweet Darling Weddings had the honor to photograph their wedding day... the day they officially became a family.

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Rose Gold Spring Wedding | Arcola, Illinois | TJ + Brittni

Their wedding was held at Oakland Christian Church in Oakland, Illinois, a small town west of Arcola, and has a lot of sentimental meeting to them.  They've known each other since they were kids, and actually met at  youth group at this very church.  How awesome is it that they said, "I do" in the very same church where they first said "Hi"?!?  God truly brought them together!  :-)   

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